New CD-release:

Ye Xue - Night Snows

Gong Linna
Wang Hua
Xiong Junjie
Nie Yunlei
Olga Lakkoni
Petra Wolff
Nancy Sullivan
Mathis Mayr
Robert Zollitsch
– vocals
– dizi, xiao
– yangqin
– sheng
– violin
– violin
– viola
– cello
– zither
All compositions by
Lao Luo (*1966)

New project:


XIA Jing - WEN Ting - Sang Ka

SAN CHUAN is a trio of three young and energetic women from Beijing playing the Chinese zither Zheng.
An amazing new experience of Chinese music: groovy, virtuous, and full of exciting eastern sounds!



New CD-release:


Gong Linna - Vocals
Lin Chen - Qin
Wang Hua - Xiao


New CD-release:

Chinese Folk Songs


The CD can be ordered from ARC-Music at www.arcmusic.co.uk

For Gong Linna's further activities please visit her website www.gonglinna.com


Upcoming project:

Marquis Yi of Zeng's way through the underworld

A musical drama for Chime-bells, stones, drums, three singers, one speaker and four dancers

Music by Robert Zollitsch

About 30 years ago in central China a giant set of bells was excavated in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, dated 433 B.C. Copies have been made of this ancient instrument and it was since used in presentations of recreations of ancient Chinese music. Yet only very few contemporary compositions feature this fantastic and inspiring instrument. Robert Zollitsch developed a concept to create a whole music-theatrical story, featuring this instrument in a contemporary way. 12 percussionists will play the composition, three singers and a speaker will tell the story, four dancers will transpose the essence into movement. An adventurous excursion into the inner world of chnages, struggle and katharsis, using an ancient Chinese instrument combined with contemporary tools. The project is designed for major classical stages and theatres. Requests for further information please refer to contact@kukumusic.com.


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