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Gong Linna: Ye Xue - Night Snows, 2010

Xian'ge Qing Yun - Classical Qin-songs (Gong Linna, Wang Hua, Lin Chen), 2009

Gong Linna: Zou Xikou - Chinese Folk songs, 2007

Gong Linna: Jing Ye Si, 2006

Gong Linna: Zou Shengming de Lu (Walking the Path of Life), 2005

Qiu Ji: Qiu shuo ... (Autumn says ...), 2005


Gong Linna: Ye Xue - Night Snows
kuku-101, 2010

Gong Linna
Wang Hua
Xiong Junjie
Nie Yunlei
Olga Lakkoni
Petra Wolff
Nancy Sullivan
Mathis Mayr
Robert Zollitsch
– vocals
– dizi, xiao
– yangqin
– sheng
– violin
– violin
– viola
– cello
– zither
All compositions by
Lao Luo (*1966)

夜雪 – Ye Xue – Night Snows
A suite of four poems by BAI Juyi (*772 / †846)
1  草 – Cao – Grasses
2  白云泉 – Bai Yun Quan – Spring of White Clouds
3  夜雪 – Ye Xue – Night Snows
4  花非花 – Hua Fei Hua – Flowers yet not Flowers

5   一钵沙蒿 – Yi Bo Shahao – A Pot of Wormwood
Words by GONG Linna (*1975)

6  忐忑 – Tan Te – Perturbed
Words: vocal colors

7   庭院深深 – Ting Yuan Shen Shen – In the Depths of the Palace
Words by OUYANG Xiu (*1007/ †1072

Two songs with words by GONG Linna (*1975)
8   悲情欲望 – Bei Qing Yuwang – Grief-stricken Desires
9  阳光少女 – Yangguang Xiaonü – A Young Girl in Sunlight

Two songs with words by LI Bai (*701 / †762)
10   静夜思 – Jing Ye Si – Thoughts on a Still Night
11  将近酒 – Qiang Jin Jiu – Come, Let’s Drink

12  希望 – Xiwang – Hope
Words by GONG Linna (*1975)

13  琉璃光 – Liuli Guang – Gleaming Bright
Words by HONG Mizhen (*1965)

total playing time: 55:13


Xian'ge Qing Yun - Classical Qin-songs
kuku-91, 2009


Gong Linna: Zou Xikou - Chinese Folk songs
EUCD 2129, 2007 ( please order here: ARC-MUSIC)


Jing Ye Si
kuku-61, 2006

(this album contains several songs which have been re-recorded on the album "Ye Xue - Night Snow". We recommend to purchase the new album, but feel free to order this record as well)

In October 2006 Linna has been to the studio with a chamber music ensemble consisting of some of China's finest musicians. The result is an album of classical elegance.

The title song "Jing Ye Si" uses one of the most famous poems by Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai. The poem in four very simple lines is a wonderful and deep expression of longing. On the album several classical poems contrast with new lyrics by Gong Linna, Xu Jie and Hong Mijen, all put into his special sound and sophisticated arrangements by Robert Zollitsch. A highlight of the album is the composition “Beijing Yuwang” (lyrics by singer Gong Linna) with a dramatic raising melody and stunning harmonical changes.






Gong Linna:

Zou Shengming de Lu
Walking the path of life
kuku-51, 2005

(sorry, currently out of stock!)

Chinese singer Gong Linna is a pioneer in China, creating an individual, new Chinese Art Music. Transforming the lightness of traditional Chinese melodies and the “Qi” (energy/breath) of centuries old Qin-compositions into new songs in a contemporary production, this album opens new perspectives for Chinese music; Producer and composer Robert Zollitsch, in China respected for his deep understanding of Chinese music, transformed the local musical concept into a global language. Linna’s lyrics, often showing a distinct folk song timbre, are modern and actual, talking about today’s spirit in China.

Gong Linna was born 1975 in Guiyang, Guizhou province (located in the Southwest of China). She first appeared on stage at the age of five. Since her early childhood she knew that she wanted to become a professional singer. At 16 she began her studies at the Chinese Conservatory of Music where she held her first and highly acclaimed concert as soloist for her exam in 1999. Since that she has been a soloist with the Zhongyang Minzu Yuetuan, China’s most renowned traditional music orchestra. In addition to many other awards, she won the Chinese National Singing Competition in 2000 as best female singer, including the Special Audience Award, gaining the audience votes of over a million Chinese television viewers.

In China Linna is a well-known capacity in the so called Minzu-Changfa (“traditional singing” only expresses partly what this means). Chinese singing, in “the West” mainly known as high-pitch-Beijing-opera-style, can be smooth and heart-warming – and Linna is the best to proof this true. With her more recent projects, Linna is pioneering a new development in the Chinese music scene, exploring various alternatives to pop and state folklore. She brings with her a fascinating blend of traditional vocal styles and modern musical forms.



Qiu Ji:

Qiu Shuo ...
Autumn says ...

kuku-52, 2005

New Music for the Chinese zither Zheng in duos and trios with Sheng, Xiao, Yangqin, Percussion and Zheng-trio.

Qiu Ji, one of China’s outstanding young stars on the Zheng (or Guzheng), worked with composer Robert Zollitsch to present New Music for the Chinese zither Zheng in duos and trios with Sheng (mouthorgan), Xiao (Bamboo-flute), Yangqin (dulcimer) and Percussion. Pioneering use of pentatonic scales and innovative use of the traditional instruments mark the music of this album. The concept of “yun” (~ spirit, flavour, refinement) is perfectly demonstrated in Qiu Ji’s interpretation of “Qiu shuo …” (T1), whereas “Hei ma” (T5) shows the top of virtuosity that has been reached on the Zheng. The compositions featuring a Zheng-trio (T3, T8, and T10) show the ability of the Zheng to almost create an orchestral sound spectrum.

Qiu Ji began her studies of the Zheng with her uncle Qiu Dazheng, one of China’s most famous Zheng-players of the last century. In 1996, right after she graduated, she was invited as teacher to the Chinese Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China’s most recognized School of Music. Besides Zheng, Qiu Ji also learned the Japanese Koto and the classical Chinese zither Guqin. During the past years, she has toured Asia and Europe, and is recognized as an outstanding interpreter of contemporary music for Guzheng.


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